Friday, June 24, 2005

Update on Sri Lankan situation

Today some of the Sri Lankan men from Baxter have received letters offering them freedom into the community. After four long years of imprisonment without charge, they may finally be free. Sure they may be deported, as soon as a country is found that will take them, but freedoom is freedom. Being able to step out onto wet grass, being able to see a sunrise. You can't experience that in detention. Most especially not in Baxter. While many of us lay asleep at this time of day, I am sure the Sri Lankans' first days of freedom will probably be early to rise, late to rest, experiencing every ray of sunshine the day has to offer.

Another wonderful thing is that they have the right to work, so they won't be subject to the crippling visas granted to others, who now live in poverty, sometimes for years at a time. More of that later.


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