Saturday, November 08, 2003

a busy life

Push, push, push that trolley
How hard and fast those little wheels can spin
one west
one east
Neither on the same bearing

Push, push, push that Coles cart
Load it with a gourd of guilt
a millilitre of manipulation
Push, push
shove in more
load my trolley
fill it to the brink
up and up
to supply your needs
feed your craving hunger

I am made of steel
and do not bend
My wheels point in paranthetical
I can take your load and others
But there is no room for my own
chip packets
camembert cheese

But one day this little trolley
May point its wheels
towards the sea
And one day
learn to paddle
with sea fish
and my mettle will mingle
meld with the waves

My little plastic wheels may take a million years to melt
but they
grow with life of coral caes
and coastal dervish

My trolley disbanded
with the waves
a thousand living pieces
all with long memory
but short carriage ability
a thousand living pieces
playing polo with the sand

Push, push, push my own trolley
directing its wheels
towards the sand
the surf, the roilling waves


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